About Us

201 Clothing

Founded by Alex Theunissen in March of 2016.
The founding of 201 Clothing comes as a result of being in contact with multiple great artist that did not have a way of showing their great designing skills to the world. 201 Clothing offers them a platform where they can show their talent on their own unique fashion items. They create great designs in collaboration with the head designer and 201 Clothing takes care of the rest. The barrier from an artist’s design to an actual fashion item has never been so small!

The name 201 Clothing comes from the imagined concept of the Founder to have artists create one design and only print two-hundred distinct fashion items. This makes the fashion item you own special! There are only two-hundred people in the world that can own this item. If you want to stand out from the crowd and wear really limited edition fashion, then you are at the right place!




I have been fascinated by fashion all my life, wanting to own the newest fashionable clothing effects everyone I know. I am guilty of buying loads of clothes myself and I noticed that most brands do not differentiate that much from what they know. I thought this should change and that is why I founded 201 Clothing. We provide great quality products and invite multiple artists to design them. That way you are assured of great quality/fit and loads of different designs to choose from. You need to be fast though, because from every design there will only be two-hundred items available.


~ Alex Theunissen



Head of Marketing & Design

I grew up with a passion for clothing. I love to wear exclusive clothing and combine them with simple basics, as long as it matches. After years of just buying clothing, I got the chance to be a part of a fashion revolution with 201 Clothing. I am now building up this exclusive brand by leading its marketing and design directions. 


~ Marco Theunissen

Marco Theunissen 201 Clothing