Over a year has passed

Here we are! Over a year after starting 201 Clothing the website is finally¬†finished. It hasn’t been easy though. What started as a plan to be up and running in a few weeks resulted in a project that kept me busy for a few months.

Building a webshop is relatively easy for someone who is familiar with WordPress, but for someone like me it was a big challenge. A challenge that thought me a lot about how websites and webshops work.

This webshop basically became my new hobby. I didn’t have time for anything else. From watching hours of tutorials on YouTube to searching until the last page on Google to find the right payment and shipping solutions, I did it all to make the website work and look the way it does today. Now finally after a year of working it is ready for customers. I can receive payments and facilitate free shipping! The only thing that is still missing are the T-Shirts.

From this point onward I will never underestimate the work that goes into building a webshop from scratch. Honestly, I could not have done it without the help and support of family and friends. What I have learned is that you need to tell people about what you are doing, because only by doing so they can give you tips and feedback about your progress.

And then to think that this is just the webshop part of my business!

Building the website

Thinking this part of starting a business would be easy was a mistake. Creating a simple website is not that difficult, but creating a webshop that does everything you want to do is a completely different story.

For someone like me, who has no experience in building websites and only browses them online himself. It was quite tricky to get started. Because where do you start?

You need to get your website name registered somewhere and where is your website stored on the web? Luckily one of my friends could help me out with all these beginner questions. He quickly had me up to speed on the basics. But the basics don’t give you the website you want, especially if you are building a webshop. Thankfully there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that helped answer my difficult questions about webshops.

At this point I already spend multiple days if not weeks on making the website look the way I want it to look and I guess that working on the website in order to make it look better will never stop!

Starting 201 Clothing

After years of wanting to start my own clothing line, I finally found the way to do it. I got my company registered today!

The people around me showed me the way to get a shot at success, and now it is my turn. I’m still working really hard to get my website up and running and taking care of all the paperwork that comes with starting your own company.

The scary part however is, that I am doing this without even having a product to sell. I’m investing all this time into an idea for a product that is not even close to production. I think that this uncertainty is part of the fun though and like they always say, without risk there is no reward. Luckily, I’m mostly investing time at the moment, which in my opinion is definitely worth it. Learning how to start a company is never a waste of time! If you have had an idea in your head for years, but never found the motivation to start, then let this be your wake-up call.

Go out and do it, you have nothing to lose and a lot to learn!